Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Moving in the questions

I started with the interpretation process of my data this week and I feel lost. Lost because there are so much information. Lost because I feel very little and humble. Lost because I don't really know where I am going, what I am supposed to do. I have difficulties to see the bigger picture and to not deviate from my route.  A few days ago I heard a song that talked me out of the soul and that I want to share:

"I sense so much and what I can give back is so little. But I can ask the questions: 

How do we begin to know the unknown?
How do we come to see clearly (...)? (...)

There are still so many more questions - I am moving in them - they are my feet and my hands and they are what I give back."

Integral Silence - Jun Miyake

I think the lyrics speak fot themselves. When we collect data, we sense so much, there is so much information coming in. And I do feel like I can give back so little. What can you do in only 12 weeks of research? I guess all we can do is ask questions. Those questions will help us know the unknown and share it. Those questions will help us shed some light on our topic. We are moving with those questions, dancing with them and breathing them. And we can only give back even more questions. And for me, that still is the most difficult part. The desire to find fix answers obscured the view and misleads me.

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  1. Doesn't the time go so quickly? I've noticed how a small deviation can "rock the boat". I've had one interviewee cancel on me after setting a date, and it sent me into a frenzy. I feel that the analysing process is so new to me that it does feel overwhelming (although I'm not at that stage yet). I wonder if I will get enough "new" knowledge out of my interviews? At this present time I am busy transcribing and realise that I musn't run before I can walk, which is always tempting! Sam