Monday, 18 December 2017

Exploring rather than persuading - moving through your research

It is this time of the year where everybody is busy working on his own inquiry and where it is difficult to find time to comment or post... This is why it is important to remind ourselves that we are exploring rather than persuading. To explore, we need exchange, time, courage, curiosity, passion, a community, listening and obersvation skills, relfective practice, patience, openness, etc. 

'Engage writing as an exploration; consider narrative as a form of movement in time and space.' (Olsen, 2014) 

Exploration enables movement, fluidity, continuity and freedom. If you try to persuade someone during your research, the process of researching and writing, and the inquiry, lose those qualities. It becomes something fixed and generalised. 

I keep moving through my text, my literature, my stories and hope that everyone is doing fine.

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